Friday, December 4, 2009


I've been severely neglecting this blog but let me assure you- I have NOT been neglecting you!
and at the end of this 2 month long madness that is november and december 2009 you'll have a mom with a bachelors degree!! I hope you're proud daph!

at 11 months you are walking and trying like crazy to talk. mostly you just point and say: OHHH about everything. you love to dance and do it on command. yesterday you pointed to yourself (several times i might add!) and said: baby. perhaps one of your most loved tricks thus far.
you are adorable and i eat up your cheeks daily. loves. mom.

Monday, October 5, 2009

daphne is NINE months old!

I really need to take more pictures of daphne! i've considerably slowed down... this month i have ONE image besides her playdate with nina and her "many moods"... ONE! I can see why my mom has like 7 pictures of my entire childhood (i'm the 6th/last kid... and i'm exaggerating.) well, here she is! our little 9 month old for the past 9 months.

she went in for her well baby check today and weighed
18 pounds and was

27.5 inches (but i think it was a little tall...)
he is doing great and has such a personality. she throws a few fits already but for the most part is a super happy and excited baby. she loves to clap and squeal when she's happy.
she has TWO little teeth! her bottom-middles. they are cute but i'm still not used to her teethy smile. and on friday- she took her first steps! 2 steps (and on saturday she did 3) and she's done it lots of times now- not without some coaching/coercing :) it's really freaking adorable. her feet are still SUPER small and its been hard to find 0-3 or 3-6 month shoes that are made for kids that are walking (soft-soled but with tread) but we got her some cute pink/brown maryjanes from gap this week and she stands pretty steady with them on. she's now standing for up to 15 seconds on her own. she's doing great eating breakfast, lunch and dinner in her highchair and just has bottles before her nap and bedtime. she loves splashing in the bath and nic. she really loves nic. last night she caught her first cold (from me... i feel so bad!) i also gave it to nic. now we're all sick and grumpy plus it snowed and is monday so basically today is not that awesome. but daphne is finally napping now with her drippy nose. we're so excited for her birthday! for several reasons...
• Blake is coming home!!! Nic's biggest little brother is coming home from his 2-year LDS mission in new hampshire. we've really missed him and we're excited that he starts school the NEXT day in rexburg! we'll be almost neighbors! [jan 4th]

• she'll be walking and wearing all of her cute 12 month clothes that i've been saving!!

• we're going to CO for 10 days at Christmas time! i haven't been home in FIVE years for Christmas and i'm dying to go.

• i'm graduating with my bachelors december 18th!

yay... so much to look forward to! (i have to think about these good things because i'm so sad summer is officially over and the cold has set in for months and months to come- and the wind- Oh! the wind...)

Friday, August 28, 2009

little lady is eight months old

well, i'm jumping the gun a little- but i say better earlier then late.. so here it is!
daphne @ 8 months.

it's true we can say that daphne is getting more fun with every month- but it would be a lie if we said parenting was getting easier as she has gotten older. (i'm sure mothers with teenagers are laughing at me right now) she just gets into EVERYTHING! we cleaned our house and tried to make everything daph-proof but it's still not.
@ eight months she loves to:

EAT! finallllly! I can say our baby is getting to know and like food! She doesn't act like everything she tastes is a pickle anymore- it's great! she has been eating oatmeal, garden vegetables and one day she devoured 1/2 can of her gerber cheese puffs.
(she also still loves to eat binkies. and sideways binks taste the best)

pull herself up to everything. about a week after she started crawling, she was done with it. well, she still crawls, obviously- but only to get to furniture or walls she can climb. yes, she climbs walls. it doesn't turn out very well, but still- she tries it. we had to move our beloved record player/coffee table into another room because even with the ugly corner protectors, she still fell and hit her head on it like 17 times each day. Now we just have the white ottoman and she can move between the ottoman and the couch. it's adorable.
standing is so fun!

her johnny-jumper. she responds with a few bounces when we tell her to JUMP! it's cute.

sign language. we LOVE the baby einstein sign video. it buys us a lot of time :) plus daphne is starting to pick it up. she can say mommy and daddy with signs (she did it consistently for about 2 weeks and now she's stopped- we hope she does it again! we love it.) and she now signs "milk" to us when she's hungry for a bottle. even though its just a little thing- we love being able to communicate with her a bit better. she also waves hi and goodbye. the other day on our walk she waved hi to all the cars as they drove past, i about died.

going on walks. she stands up in her stroller holding onto the front bar for the entire time. she acts like she is leading the way- so funny
(this has nothing to do with walks, just a random image of a cute outfit :)

no teeth yet (though she's been waking up once during the night which we like to blame on teething) but we'll see about next month...

i think she weighs about 17.5 pounds, 27 inches tall.

we LOVE you daphne!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

7 glorious months!

I can't believe little daphne is 7 months old. what a little lady.
I also can't believe I still have around 7 pounds to loose of baby weight and how much cuter daph's baby fat looks on her than it does on me. oh well, that's a whole other (long.. depressing...) post.

So daphne is just adorable, if we do say so ourselves. She is so fun and entertaining. i never knew she would be this cool.

@ 7 months here's the update:

daphne is a crawling machine. she's moved on from the army crawl almost completely and can motor around on her hands and knees any place she pleases. she used to only stay in one room but then figured out that if i'm in the kitchen and she is in the family room, she can come and see me! its really fun to see her little body slink around the corner.

she is a babbler. she likes to say dadda but mostly (sorry...) it's momma. we've been teaching her sign language too. only a few words right now but it's obvious that persistance helps. I do the "mom" sign whenever i say mom, momma, mommy ect. and she is catching on! when she signs it back to me i freak out. it's cute.

she loves to wave hi. she can also combine hi and the mom sign for a nice friendly greeting to me. its so cute. waving goodbye hasn't caught on so much, goodbyes are just sad- even daphne knows that.

she still hates food. my mom was determined that she would be eating baby food by the time we left colorado. she tried several times (and has SO much more patience than i do!) but, to no avail. this girl gags and makes a scene over just about everything (fruit, vegetables, juice, icecream ect). everything but these gerber puffs that are mild cheddar flavor. that's right, our baby eat cheetos and practically nothing else (but lots of milk)

she loves to laugh this really cheesy laugh and smiles practically all the time. we're lucky she is such a happy baby- her happiness is contagious.

peek-a-boo is her favorite game. if she is sad and crying, a game of peek-a-boo will change it all.

we love our little daphne.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I dressed daphne in her little monkey pj's the other day and realized that they were the pj's she wore home from the hospital 5.5 months ago. So, i took a picture of her in her car seat so you can see how much she's grown! Those 0-3 pj's are still going strong though, I'm not ready to put them away and they still button up :)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

5 months

I can't believe how quickly the time is flying. Every week when nic takes out the trash on tuesday night we seriously CAN NOT believe its trash day already! I feel like the time is just slipping away. I want to savor every moment with daphne. i know she will never be tiny again and each day she is getting bigger, smarter and more mobile. Sometimes, it makes me a little bit sad (especially when i held dave and shaunas new baby Clark last week... wow... SO teeny tiny!) but mostly just excited. She is interacting with us more and more everyday. She knows we are the mom and dad and you can just see in her eyes that she is pretty crazy about us. Good thing we feel the same way about her. Here are some of my favorite shots of our favorite girl from the past 5 months! (youngest to oldest... so scroll down for NEW pics! )

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

you have the

cutest dad ever.

see. i told you.